Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Magic moments in church

Laughing With Tom

The church took a bit of a punt on Saturday night and booked Tom Elliott, a magician and comedian who also does a nice line in telling people why he believes in Jesus.  It was a bit of a punt as we hadn't seen him perform before but it turned out really well. 

Right from the off he had the audience engaged and his combination of jokes and tricks kept everyone entertained.  He did about three quarters of an hour followed by a break and a further twenty minutes afterwards when he simply explained, in an engaging and very clear way, why he was a Christian. 

We were really pleased with him and - in common with most of the people we have had for something like this in church - he was a delight to deal with.  I was half expecting objections along the lines of the dark arts in a sacred building but as Tom made clear right at the start of his act, he's not into Black Magic, much preferring Quality Street. 

It was also pleasing that we had more than 90 people come along, lots from outside the church.  We'd timed the booking to come quite soon after the Mission Rescue week - see earlier posts with the intention of inviting families and children from that week. We kept the tickets ridiculously cheap and planned to make a loss.  It was worth it.  Tom is working on a new show and we plan to book him again when that show is ready.   

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