Friday, 2 September 2011

A day in the life

Sometimes I get asked what I do on a typical day. Truth is there is no such thing but this is what this minister did today.

Get up, exercise bike, breakfast, shower, read a chapter of a good book.
In the office for 8.15, answer emails, finalise ceremony for lunchtime burial of ashes. Final touches to Sunday Morning's service.
Meet with church secretary, home, change, burial of ashes.
Have lunch with widow and family.
Phone calls including quite a long one with another deacon.
Visit to a woman going into hospital (she is out), a woman who has just come out of hospital (I wake her up), and a family that has just moved to the town and seem keen to join us.
Twenty minutes in the garden with a cup of tea at 4.15 - the first break of the day.
Then more phone calls, some admin and a good couple of hours on a sermon. Eat tea and watch the first half of the England game. Put together the first draft of the PPT for Sunday morning. Complete a twelve hour day when the sermon for the week is about life being too busy. Hmmm.
Glasses of wine, episodes of House.
Blog. Bed.

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