Friday, 8 April 2011

Pictures for an exhibition?

Wondering if you can help me here? We have our camera club exhibition in just over a week's time and we are all asked to exhibit four prints of A4 size and one of A3. If you have time would you rank these (some old and some new) for me and help me make the final choice? I am keen to know which you like best as I can only print one at A3. Thanks.

Sunset Now - Burnham Beach in November

Substituted - Steve Tully, Exeter City

Water Colours - Reflections of Cottages in Brixham

Misty Rocks - Kilve Beach, February

Joy! Drew and Anna's Wedding Day

A Shadow of Ourselves - From the Eiffel Tower, January

A Bit Peckish


  1. 1) Misty Rocks
    2) Shadow
    3)Water Colours
    4)Sunset Now
    5)Bit Peckish

  2. Thanks Andy C. I went with your top three and added the two from the Philippines which I came across afterwards. Got some good feedback and enjoyed it.