Monday, 4 April 2011


After a great deal of good solid spiritual reading recently, which I have yet to blog, I am currently reading the collected Father Ted - The Craggy Island Parish Magazines. To quote the good priest himself, "It is disappointing when one spends up to twenty minutes preparing a sermon that one hears rumours to the effect that I am not taking the whole 'sermon thing' seriously."

I am generally as diligent as I can be in my preparation but for a combination of reasons - only some of which are valid - my second sermon was very underprepared. Between two and three hours at the most and so I never got to the stage of completion, let alone editing. Despite all this I managed to get up and speak for about twenty minutes.

Last night I got away with it, not a great feeling, though I'd confess to a slight feeling of relief but certainly not good for me - or my people. It worries me that I can get up and talk for twenty minutes with so little preparation. Not a nice feeling and - thankfully a very rare occurance. I need to keep it that way.

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