Saturday, 30 January 2010

A walk on the beach

Not a lot of blogging as work has been full-on this week. Thursday was the day off and fed up with the exercise bike in front of the telly I resolved to go for a long walk instead.

The weather was good, bright and crisp - until I reached the beach. A strong and cold wind whipped in across the bay and it was a close run call whether my nose or my eyes ran most. Really bitter and the only other people on the beach were walking dogs; they had to be there. The notable exception was a man in his sixties in shorts and tee-shirt who was jogging, bent into the wind, oblivious to the stares of the crows that skulked in the litter washed up by the tide.

After a while, either the wind died down or as I walked round the coast I got some protection from it. As soon as I cut in land over the golf course it was much calmer and warmer too.

In all this I was helped along by the music I listened too. I had treated myself to a TMBG album I didn't have (Lincoln) and Japan's Gentlemen Take Polaroids (a steal to download from Amazon at the moment for just over £3). Yet the album that really put a spring in my stride (it was a long walk) was The Seeds of Love by Tears For Fears. One of those situations where you listen to something occasionally and rediscover it all over again. A brilliant album, I saw them tour it in Manchester with Oleta Adams on piano. Having gone with someone who really liked them I was surprised at how good they were.

So the latest track to be posted is from TFF. Enjoy.


  1. Catherine and I saw that tour too at the NEC. One of the best concerts. Did you see that The Beat are on tour with Pauline Black and Neville whatsit from the Specials. The Beat on their own are playing Stroud Subscription Rooms on the 20th Feb. Could be good, though I shan't be able to go as we come back from a few days in London that day.

  2. Alas, a family party in Devon that day. Would have loved to see The Beat. Saw General Public support Queen once but sure it isn't the same.

    We might come over sometime that week, when are you guys free?

  3. Up the beach to the golf course - that's just a short stroll: do that every morning when I'm in Burnham!

    I'm down your way next week playing ice hockey in Bristol - but unfortunately don't have time to pop into BoS.

  4. Ah, depends which route you take over the golf course. I took the later one next to Berrow church.

    PLAYING ice hockey?! That's some mid-life crisis chum!