Monday, 11 January 2010

To cancel or not to cancel...

... that was the question.

The other church that meets in the same road as us decided to cancel their services yesterday because of the snow and ice but stubborn non-conformists that we are, we went ahead. Got there early to clear paths etc (tip - don't use cat litter to grit a path, you just tread clay everywhere) and then discovered that on the coldest week of the year we had a heating failure.

So all change from the Main Hall (also known - wrongly - as "church") to the smaller and quicker to heat Lower Hall and much movement of chairs, Bibles, projector - which also failed - and subsequently hymn books and printed sheets because the hymns come from different sources. And we couldn't print the noticesheets either.

Not a promising start but many more than originally expected (I'd estimate between 60 and 70) and everyone pulled together like in the Blitz. We actually had a good service, many commenting on the intimacy of being together in the venue. We did cancel the evening service after a show of hands showed there would be eight of us, but that was okay.

More heavy snow is (currently) forecast for this part of the world tomorrow so we may go through the whole thing again next week.

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