Tuesday, 15 December 2009

(Not quite) all aboard

Today a whole lot of people from church are going on the Carol Train. A steam train makes it way up the line and at every station people get out and sing a coupel of carols, all pile back in and do it again at the next station.

I managed to shock someone from the congregation today who had dropped into the office and in parting he said, "See you tonight". His jaw literally dropped and he didn't know what to say when I told him I wasn't going. "But you...", he spluttered before being unable to finish the sentence. Because surely if there's one thing a vicar likes more than singing carols it's steam trains?

I went to a carol service last night and I have two more tomorrow. So far I have sung 32 this season. Why would I want to sing carols tonight as well?



  1. You ought to be able to watch this on line. I tried it, but there was too much buffering.

  2. Oh, I was VERY slow on the uptake here. Was thinking that you had forgotten to add a link. :)

  3. There are only so many carols a man can take. The exact number depends on how many times such travesties as 'Little Donkey' sneak in pretending to be carols, but there is definitely a limit. I expect some researchers have been paid many thousands of pounds to work it out mathematically.