Saturday, 14 November 2009

Vinyl Countdown

Well, it had to happen one day and that day was last week. I packed the boxes and headed to Oxfam in Exeter. They were very understanding and gentle with me, leading me to conclude that they must have had special training. Perhaps a one day seminar on "Middle Aged Men and their Records - Bereavement, Empathy and Grieving". I realise that those who know me will require photographic proof, hence the picture. It doesn't look like much in my big boot but it was 160 albums, 120 12" singles and a stack of singles too.

I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking. Some days are obviously easier than others but a day at a time, I guess. Time is a great healer they say and so long as I don't linger near Radio 2 for too long and hear a tune that sets me off I should get through.


  1. So sorry it had to happen Steve!

  2. Thank you, I may open a book of condolences!

  3. Catherine Chapple26 November 2009 at 18:27

    No, NO! Steve, you must seek couselling! I am thinking of asking for a new turntable for Christmas, that's how close to getting rid of vinyl I am!! Some of those old Bee Gees albums cannot be replaced with CD or iTunes -- no, never!

  4. I have a turntable that you can have ;)