Monday, 30 November 2009

Gone to the Dogs

The organist is away for Christmas, leaving me searching for CD versions of carols for a few services. We often sing to CDs so it shouldn't be a problem. But finding decent versions is proving harder. The worst of the lot is this CD of Christmas Carol Favourites for Dog Lovers. Until you have heard Spike and Jerry bark along to Hark the Herald, Christmas hasn't really started. You can check for yourself if you wish....


  1. Did you notice that Silent Night is a duet with a cat?!

  2. Is my favourite carol for dogs on the CD? - Oh Come Ye Old Faithful

  3. Nice one Andy! Trying hard to think of a good reply....

  4. Bark, the Herald Angels?
    We Three King (Charles Spaniels)?
    Silent Night, Howly Night?

    No, you win. Must go and do some work...

  5. I'll just reply with 'Oh Little Hound of Bethlehem' and leave it at that