Friday, 12 July 2013

Exeter City v QPR ~ pre-season friendly

And so, back to photographing football.  Bizarrely, on a day for cricket, and having watched and listened to the second day of the first Ashes Test before driving down - before schools even break up for summer - we are already in pre-season. The visitors this evening were Queens Park Rangers, who would have attracted more to St James Park if we hadn't drawn them at home in the Capitol Cup in a couple of weeks time as well.  

As is the way of these things, it was a fairly gentle run out for all concerned.  Two different elevens for each half, which had the advantage of meaning people got to see all the QPR stars on display.  Two Korean internationals in the side meant that the game was (slightly surreal this) being shown live in South Korea.  

The game was goal less and it lacked a competitive edge but it was good to see some of Exeter's longer term injured players of last year on the park again.  Another highlight was Paul Tisdale's attire, the Football League's second longest serving manager seemed to have borrowed a jacket from the circus.  

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