Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy Birthday To Us!

Long time no blog.  Lots going on, much of it unbloggable and so perhaps my longest gap between blogs so far. 

Have thought once or twice about what to blog but nothing has really grabbed.  Did wonder this morning about blogging on it being David Bowie's birthday (a date he shares with Shirley Bassey and Elvis Presley) but what to say.

Then, lo... in an interview today with Radcliffe and Maconie, Peter Hook mentions on 6Music that David Bowie has a new single out today!  Happy Birthday to us!  I'll have to catch the rest of that interview later because it's straight on to the interweb for me to find it. 

"We Are We Now?" is the Duke's wistful offering, his first single in ten long years.  Musically it sounds like he's picked up where he left off and the even better news is that an album is due out in a couple of months time.  I'll be queueing at Woolworths for it!

Watch it here

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  1. At last - we have all had to wait - it's been a while. But finally a long awaited offering from one amazing bloke. And then there's the new Bowie single too!