Monday, 5 March 2012

The Help

We had our first full house tonight at Reel Issues.  All 115 seats at the cinema sold for the Oscar winning film The Help.  I find it rather satisfying that people had to be turned away from an event organised by the church, that's not too perverse is it?  Considering it has been around a while I was delighted; in fact it's out on DVD next week. 

A good film but not really a great one in my humble... but I certainly enjoyed it.  I had to flee the discussion in order to buy in breakfast supplies for the minister's breakfast tomorrow morning but my spies tell me that some good points were made.  Perhaps the most telling was from a school teacher who said that she thought that these days the whole race issue is hardly an issue for kids whereas in comparison the older generation, who grew up in a different atmosphere of racism not always being seen as wrong, were more likely to be racist.  Sure that will cause some hackles to rise. 

Next month we show the excellent Gran Torino - can't wait!

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  1. Really good stuff! Hope you don't mind if i follow you.