Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Top Coffee Shop

It didn't look like a Christian Bookshop.  In fact, I went  in to check because it just didn't look right.  It was modern, clean, stylish even and served great coffee, paninis and wonderful soup.  The selection of books was good despite the limited space and the staff seemed like they were all from this planet and were very pleasant with it. 

Everyone knows a shop like this should be a bit shabby, smell slightly musty and be staffed by well-meaning volunteers who don't really know where things are or how the system works.  They have it all wrong at Cornerstone. 

Seriously, Cornerstone of Taunton, take a bow.  We came away with a bag of books, full tums and sense of peace restored after the trauma of a visit to Sports Direct.  Thank you - great job guys!

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