Friday, 11 June 2010

Church does something normal and interesting shock!

Read all about it!

Following my previous blog entry I thought I would report that the local paper didn't run anything on the Cumbria shootings in the end, seems like the story faded quite quickly.

As an after thought I wrote them a quick press release about the fact that we are screening the World Cup football on the big screen in the church building and asked if they could give it a plug in a corner of the paper somewhere.

Well, it must be a quiet news week because they sent a photographer and I am your page three stunner this week. (Knocked off the front page by the theft of lead from another church building in the town). The town's website (which has three times the circulation of the paper - interesting sign of the times) also sent a photographer, local radio have picked up on it and I just stumbled across our local TV news reporter in the car park and did a brief piece for Points West, the local TV news, tonight. I'd have shaved if I knew he was coming.

All makes for an interesting day at the office but it feels odd as well. Because what we are doing just seems so normal to me. We are screening a football match and inviting people to join us. Just basic low level outreach and hospitality. Quite sobering to think that this is deemed newsworthy. I'm not sure if this is an indicator that the church is so out of touch with the rest of the world or vice versa. Could well be the case that the world is so out of touch that they are surprised when a church does something very slightly out of the box.

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